Hogan Lovells Brexit

Brexit - Lost In Transition

November 24, 2017
As the negotiations continue, a consensus is emerging that more time is needed. The negotiations are progressing slowly, a future trade agreement is yet to be discussed, and the Withdrawal Bill has been delayed.

Calls are growing for "transitional arrangements" to avoid a cliff edge and to provide certainty for business. But beyond knowing that one is desirable, does anyone know what a transition would or even could look like in practice? What are the options, how feasible are they legally and how difficult could they be to negotiate politically and in the time available?

Another issue that remains out there is the possible revocation of the UK's Article 50 notice. It would certainly be a challenge to get this done politically, but is it even legally possible?

This webinar took place: 10 November, 13:00 pm GMT. We demystified the options, and discussed what they mean for your business planning.

The webinar recording is available here: http://bit.ly/2zj9tZJ 

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